Delivery and cost

  • How much do registration plates and certificates cost?

    1. 1. Issuance of a registration plate and/or certificate, EXCEPT for temporary short-term plates.

      • Registration plate or duplicate plate = 30 EUR
      • Registration certificate or duplicate certificate = 26 EUR
    2. 2. “Rush” express delivery, on the day of the application.

      Rush delivery = additional cost of 80 EUR

    3. 3. Issuance of a commercial (trade or test or professionnal) registration: in ADDITION to the amounts mentioned in point 1.

      • Trade or test plate = 100 EUR
      • Change in details with issuance of a registration certificate = 45 EUR
      • Duplicate of a registration certificate = 45 EUR
      • Renewal of validity with issuance of a registration certificate and of a year sticker = 45 EUR
    4. 4. Issuance of a temporary short-term plate or national plate.

      • Registration plate or duplicate plate, possibly together with a registration certificate and a front plate = 75 EUR

      Applications for a temporary plate (X & W) can only be submitted to the “TRANSIT” counters located in the premises of the FPS Mobility and Transport, City Atrium, Vooruitgangstraat 56 rue du Progrès in 1200 Brussels.


      The export X plate, for which delivery was not requested to a well-defined address in Belgium, can be collected and paid for at the post office BRUXELLES/BRUSSEL DE BROUCKERE, Boulevard Anspachlaan 1, box 5, 1000 Brussels, tel.: 022/012345. If your registration application is processed by the DIV before 13:00, your plate will be available at the post office on the same day, between 17:00 and 18:00.

      • National plate with certificate and front plate = 75 €.
    5. 5. Reservation of a personalised number plate registration = 1000 EUR -

      Visit the page « ma voiture, ma plaque » and enter a plate number.

  • When and how do you have to pay?

    These amounts have to be paid directly to bpost:

    • If the parcel is delivered to your home or an address of your choice: the exact amount in cash (COD = Cash On Delivery = no transfer possible);
    • If you collect your parcel at a post office or a post point: in cash or with Bancontact.

    Once paid, fees are non-refundable in any case. 

    An invoicing system has been developed only for leasing companies and major clients. This service is offered by bpost.

    What are the delivery times as from 1 August 2019?

    The plate, whether or not accompanied by a registration certificate, can be delivered to another address than your official address.

    1. Normal delivery for all types of plates:

      • For applications submitted to bpost before 18:00, the delivery will be made on the next working day (D+1).
      • For applications submitted to bpost after 18:00, the delivery will be made on the second working day following the application (D+2).


      Note that Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays are not working days.

    2. Express delivery, on the day of the application before 22:00 (RUSH)

      This application must be submitted to your insurer, a DIV branch or the counter of Brussels and must be processed before 13:00.

      • For applications submitted to bpost before 13:00, the delivery will be made on the same day before 22:00 for an additional cost of 80 EUR. If you are absent, the parcel will be presented a second time on the same day before 22:00.

      You will be informed of the delivery time by SMS. Therefore, it is essential to write down your mobile phone number on your registration application.

      • Applications submitted to bpost after 13:00 will be processed as a normal delivery which will be made on the next day (D+1) with no additional cost.


      At present, this procedure is only applicable to the delivery of temporary short-term (transit) plates, normal plates and original personalised plates.

      It is thus not applicable to the delivery of registration certificates alone or to applications for duplicate plates or duplicate registration certificates.

  • What happens if you are absent at the time of delivery?

    If you are absent, the postman will slip a notice of attempt of delivery in your mailbox:


    • You can collect the plate and/or registration certificate in a post office or a post point during 30 days. 
    • You can also request that the postman comes back at a date that suits you.
    • If you have not collected your parcel within 14 days, it will be presented to you again on the 16th day.

    After 30 days, the parcel is sent back to the DIV if it has not been delivered.

    How can I track the delivery?

    To track the delivery of your parcel, you only need to enter the reference of your registration application (9-digit reference for a paper-based application or WebDIV reference) or your plate number on the website of bpost:

    In case of a problem, please contact bpost at number 0800 96 005.

    Reimbursement after a mistake made by a DIV agent.

    If you notice that a DIV agent has made a mistake (e.g.: wrong plate format, wrong details on the registration certificate), report this via email, by clearly completing the ad hoc form (see below) and by attaching proof of the mistake (e.g. copy of the registration application) to the following address:

    Do not forget to mention on the form your complete contact details, as well as the complete and correct bank account number for a possible reimbursement. If the holder of the bank account is not the holder of the number plate concerned, the contact details of the holder of the bank account should also be mentioned on the form.

    The reimbursement will be made only if you have had to pay the same service twice (new number plate, new registration certificate) after having shown the proof that the mistake has been made by a DIV agent, who has subsequently corrected the situation. If it is accepted by the DIV, the reimbursement is made within six months of the decision by the Service to carry out the reimbursement.

    If, after examining the proof, the DIV concludes that the mistake is attributable to a third party (e.g.: insurer, garage, importer...), there will be no reimbursement. Please contact this third party to obtain the reimbursement concerned.

    Road taxes

    1. Flanders

      The Flemish authorities are competent for road taxes in Flanders. More information about these taxes can be found on their website For any questions regarding these taxes, please contact the Vlaamse Infolijn (Flemish Info Line): 1700.

    2. Brussels

      From 1 January 2020, your traffic taxes will be managed by Bruxelles Fiscalité.

      You do not need to do anything. Your file for these taxes will be transferred automatically.

      Telephone contact: 02.430.60.60 Mail:


    3. Wallonia

      The Public Service of Wallonia (Service public de Wallonie or SPW) is competent for road taxes in Wallonia. More information is available on the website For any questions regarding these taxes, please contact the SPW by email: or by phone: 081/330.001.


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