• Sale of the pleasure boat
      • Will the boat be registered in Belgium again after the sale? As a seller, you do not need to take any action. As a buyer, you must request for a registration of the boat online.
      • Will the boat be registered abroad after the sale? You must request a deletion for the boat. The buyer needs that document in order to prove that the boat is not registered in Belgium anymore.

    Registration of the pleasure boat in another country

    You must request a deletion for the boat.

    Pleasure boats that do not sail anymore or that are destroyed

    You must request a deletion for the boat.

    How to request the deletion?


    1. Use the request form to request a deletion for a registration letter.

    2. Attach the appropriate documents for the deletion.


      The original registration document. By « registration document », we mean (according to the inscription):

      • the original flagletter (non commercial or commercial) ;
      • and/or the original immatriculation plate ;
      • and/or the original immatriculation document (starting from B71000) ;
      • or original registration letter (non commercial or commercial).
      • A copy of the bill of sale.
    3. Send the form and the documents by simple letter to the Directorate General Navigation.

      Navigation de plaisance 

      Rue du Progrès 56

      1210 Bruxelles



      You will receive the certificate of deletion by email only.


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