When do I request the deregistration of a plate?

  • You are no longer in possession of your vehicle and do not intend to register another.
  • You have changed your plate from the old model to the European model: have the old plate deregistered.
  • You re-register your vehicle under a new plate and do not wish to keep the old one.
  • You have received a deletion notice (see below).

You can check the status of your registration plate on our website: see "My car, my plate" (link is external) (link is external). You enter the plate number and click on "consultation".

You can now see if the plate still has the status "active" or has been "deregistered".

In practice

To request the deregistration of your old model plate or European format plate:

  • Bring your official plate ("back" plate with the DIV logo), without packaging, to a bpost office or post point.
  • To find a location near your home and the opening hours: go to (link is external)
  • Deregistration is immediate and free of charge.
  • You will immediately receive a deregistration notice.
  • After some time, you will receive by mail a personal deregistration notice.
  • Don't forget to report the deregistration to your insurer.
  • Advantages: Deregistration is effective on the same day. It puts an end to circulation taxes, it makes road traffic fines inapplicable and it allows the insurance to be stopped.

From 6 January 2020: a collection box is available in some post offices, with longer opening hours.

  • Plates are sent out daily, except on weekends and holidays
  • The deregistration date is the working day following the collection of mail
  • The deregistration certificate is sent by mail
  • Click on (link is external) to find the nearest location  

I still haven't received my deregistration certificate after one week. What can I do?
You can call bpost on 0800 96 005.

Further information

You have sold your vehicle and it is registered under the name of the buyer[ML1] : you will receive a deletion notice via bpost and you have a period of 4 months to:

  • either have your plate deregistered through bpost;
  • or register another vehicle under the same plate if it is a European format plate (7 characters).

If you do not respect this deadline, a pro justitia will be officially established by the DIV for failure to return the plate in due time.

If you live in the Brussels region, deleting your number plate (category M1) entitles you, under certain conditions, to the Bruxell'Air mobility subsidy. The aim of this allowance is to support modal shift.

In case of loss or theft of the plate

  • Go to the Police to report the loss/theft.
  • The Police will issue you with a certificate of involuntary dispossession of the plate.
  • The Police will report the plate as lost or stolen, which implies that the plate will be automatically deregistered

It is deleted from the register on the date the plate was reported as lost or stolen by the Police.

  • The certificate of involuntary dispossession issued by the Police should NOT be sent to the DIV. Keep it until you receive the personal deregistration notice and the reimbursement of the circulation tax.
  • You will receive by bpost a personal deregistration notice, which you will forward to your insurer.

Please make sure that you receive this deregistration notice certifying that the plate is properly deregistered. This notice is the proof that your registration plate has been deregistered. If after one month you have not received this notice, please contact the bpost contact center (0800/96.005).