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    1. Transparency


      Through our websites and social media, we ensure transparency of: 

      • information  
      • services  
      • procedures 

      You can rely on transparency on:  

      • the steps of the procedures 

      • their duration

    2. Quality of the information | Clear texts



      Our information is:  

      • correct  

      • reliable   

      • regularly updated 

      Our language is:  

      • clear  

      • precise  

      • comprehensible 

      Staff members are trained to ensure the readability of their texts.

    3. Deadlines


      Deadlines are always communicated: 

      • the deadlines specified by regulation 
      • other deadlines  

      If a deadline is extended (due to unforeseen circumstances), the new deadline will be communicated.  

      You are always able to find out which deadline applies to you.  

    4. Availability








      You can contact someone in case of: 

      • questions  
      • follow up of a case 


      Procedures are handled automatically when possible: you do not have to take any action. 

      Our services are essentially digital. 

      You can access them: 

      • - 24/7 

      • - 7 days a week 

      We focus on your ease of use first when developing our online applications. 

      We offer support in using our digital applications. 

      We listen to your specific situation.  


      To the greatest extent possible, we answer through your preferred channel. 


      We use data already available from other public services (under the Only Once legislation).   


      We direct you to the competent service if your request is beyond our competence.  


      Our services are constantly evolving.  

      Your feedback is used to improve the services.