Protection of reporters


Did you report an occurrence in civil aviation to your aviation organisation or to the Belgian Civil Aviation Authority (BCAA) in order to maintain aviation safety? Or are you yourself mentioned in such a report? In such a case, you cannot be penalised by the government or your employer. If you are penalised, you can report it to the ‘Just Culture’ body. 

Just Culture

To prevent workers from being reluctant to report occurrences in civil aviation, a European regulation emphasises the principle of ‘Just Culture’. According to this principle, you cannot be penalised by your employer or by the government if you report an occurrence or if you are mentioned in such a report.

The employer determines the internal rules on how the principles of Just Culture are ensured and applied in the organisation. 


You can indeed be penalised in cases of wilful misconduct or gross negligence. 

The “Just Culture” body 

If you are penalised because you have reported an occurrence or you are mentioned in such a report, you can report it to the ‘Just Culture’ body. This body examines infringement reports concerning:

  • prosecutions before judicial authorities initiated because the occurrence was reported;
  • prejudice suffered by workers who reported occurrences or who are mentioned in such reports. 

The body may also review the internal rules on Just Culture. 

After examining the infringement report, the body issues an opinion to the competent authorities on corrective action or sanctions. 


You will find below a schematic summary of the procedure:

Just culture schematic summary of the procedure

It should be noted that the ‘Just Culture’ body:

  • has only an advisory role for corrective action or sanctions;
  • does not replace the system of occurrence reports to the BCAA;
  • does not replace the ordinary remedies.

Reporting infringements

If you want to report an infringement, you must fill in the reporting form.

Do you have another question?

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Please note: you cannot use this form to report an infringement. If you want to report an infringement, you must fill in this web form.